In the Garden: Vegetables

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Even though it’s July, you can still plant a lot of things this summer that you can harvest later in the year.

Cabbages, broccoli, beans and Swiss chard are all great cool weather crops, so it’s time to get in your garden, rip out those spring crops that have gone to seed, and make room for some fall planting.  Many people don’t realize these vegetables actually grow well on cool nights, which make them ideal for the fall.  The cool night weather will also increase the sugar content, so your carrots and beets will be sweeter.  Even your cabbage and chard will be sweeter.

Many of these vegetables you can plant by sowing seeds or by using a vegetable start.  There are a few things you’ll want to pull out of your garden to make room, like lettuces that you’ve already harvested a few times that are starting to go bitter.  Cabbage or broccoli that you’ve already harvested can also go by the wayside.

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