In the Garden: Watering Your Plants

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EUGENE, Ore. — True or false? There is a right way to water your garden. The answer: true.

Water in the morning. It gives the plant all day, especially on those hot days, to soak up that moisture and really put it to good use.

Watering in the evening isn’t so great. Leaves get wet all night and roots are in cold, damp soil. It’s just kind of a breeding ground for fungus and other problems.

For container plants or hanging basket plants, you want to do a deep soak and really get that root ball saturated. That way you’re only watering every two to three or four days depending on how big your container is.

An automatic sprinkler is good if it’s used frequently. Overhead watering gets a lot of the foliage wet and drips down to the roots. So it needs to be done daily.

For big trees, shrubs, perennials, you definitely need less water than your new plants. So if you just got some great product this year, make sure you’re watching that water very closely this summer.

Be sure to use a slow-release, granular fertilizer with all this water because the plant is using a lot of energy and that water is washing away the fertilizer, so it’s a great time to add another dose in the summer.

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