Increase in Halloween Crime

EUGENE, Ore. — This Halloween was one of the busiest in years for Eugene police. They hope one man’s unique costume will help people identify him.

Eugene police say the closer Halloween is to a weekend, the busier they’ll be. And with Halloween falling on a Thursday this year, downtown and campus areas were hot spots for problems.

Police say they issued 31 citations Thursday night for underage drinking, loud noise, and driving under the influence. That’s about a 30-percent increase compared to other Thursday nights in the past month.

EPD also says officers tried to take a young man into custody who was standing in middle of the street talking on his phone. But when police walked up to him, they say he attacked an officer then ran off. Police hope his costume might help track him down.

“His costume, although not excessively clever, was unique. He had a blue plaid shirt and a black leather vest, and on the vest in white was written ‘Sons of Anarchy.’ So if anybody has information on who this may be, we would sure love to have a chat with him,” said Sgt. Larry Crompton, Eugene Police.

The man is facing felony charges for assaulting the officer.

Police say they mainly issued warnings Thursday night because most officers in the downtown area were on bicycles. But this weekend they’ll have a lot more officers patrolling near campus and will issue citations for parties that get out of hand.

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