Industrial Equipment Blocks 126 Off-Ramp

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Early¬†Wednesday morning a 70-ton industrial charcoal dryer fell off a semi-truck blocking the westbound 126 off-ramp to 42nd Street.

The dryer is still secured to its trailer, no one was injured in the crash. It is roughly 50 feet long, 19 feet high and weighs nearly 69 tons. The turbine was in route to the Kingsford facility in Springfield from Kansas when the trailer rolled onto its side while exiting Highway 126.

Crews are working to remove the turbine with a specialized crane. ODOT says the ramp will likely be closed most of the day. There is a detour in place west to Mohawk Boulevard then back to 42nd street.



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  1. John says:

    Definitely should have gone up to the Mohawk exit to get to Kingsford with something that big. Someone dropped the ball on this not planning ahead. Also confused why you would stop and basically let it fall over, you would think it would have been smarter to maintain momentum to keep this from happening. This guy better dust off his resume.

  2. Eddie says:

    I think it is easy to criticize… If you actually look at mohawk exit you will notice that the trailer might bottom out due to how low it sits and I am pretty sure it is atleast 110 feet long which means he wont make that turn. To make things worse O.D.O.T issues the permits and tells you where you are allowed to drive.I think we need to be happy no one is hurt and not worry about the resume.

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