Inmate Accused of Slaying Stepdaughter

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ALBANY, Ore.– A break came in a decades-old case. The Linn County Sheriff’s Office arrested John Arthur Ackroyd for the murder of his stepdaughter, Rachanda Leah Pickle.

Rachanda disappeared from her home nearly 23 years ago. It prompted a massive search near Santiam Junction, Hoodoo Ski area, and Big Lake areas. The search lasted several weeks, but Rachanda’s body was never found. Sheriff Tim Mueller was involved in the search.

“I spent a lot of time up in the woods looking for Rachanda. As time went on, it became more and more evident that she wasn’t just lost in the woods,” said Mueller.

Linn County detectives charged her Rachanda’s stepfather, John Ackroyd with murder. He’s already in prison for killing another woman, Kay Turner, 34 years ago.

The Sheriff says the advances in technology and electronic databases led detectives to Ackroyd. Now all that’s left is justice for Rashanda.

“The one thing that will really finish this is if information came out that would locate Rachanda and give her the respect she deserves even in death,” said Mueller.

Ackroyd’s bail is set at 1 million dollars. His next court appearance is in May.

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  1. Postone says:

    He’s already in prison for another murder. How long is his sentence KEZI?

    You (KEZI) need to post all pertinent information when doing a story. Because if thIS guy is in prison for 20 years with the possibility of parole than I could see spending the money to bring him back to court. If he isn’t ever getting out of prison for the first murder, what is the point in spending monies that cities and counties really don’t have?


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