Inmates Escape From Mill Creek Prison

SALEM, Ore. — Two inmates escaped from Mill Creek Correctional Facility in Salem Thursday night. Oregon State Police are searching for the men.

Just after 10:00 p.m., staff at the minimum security prison noticed 34-year-old Daryl Manuel Hernandez and 25-year-old Franco Armando Moreno were missing. Both are Hispanic males, and both were last seen wearing blue jeans with the word “inmate” and a Department of Corrections logo on the knee in orange.

Anyone with information is asked to call Oregon State Police.



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  1. Safety first for all says:

    Mill creek is a building that is so old and has been condemned by everyone including the fire marshal its so bad the postal service refuses to deliver mail there the feds wont even recognize its a building!!!!! the mail is delivered to Santiam correctional facility and prison guards truck it over because the postal service refuses to recognize the building Yet DOC just pays the fine putting everyone including staff at risk of fire earth quake over population it is so bad you would not even believe it

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