Inside Inspections: Saturday Market

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EUGENE, Ore. — Saturday Market is a staple in the Eugene community with longtime vendors.

But you might not know there are many people behind the scenes making sure the food you eat there is safe.

Four decades ago, the concept of Saturday Market began. It’s now grown to more than 100 vendors that display their handmade, homegrown products.

For a long time the temporary food booths were inspected every weekend, then every month. Now there is a seasonal temporary restaurant permit which requires an initial fee and plan review.

The Lane County Department of Environmental Health only overseas the food area. The produce is monitored by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

A lot of the same rules apply for the booths that apply to restaurants and mobile food trucks. Food must be hot and cold held at certain temperatures. A big challenge is there is no dishwasher.

“Instead of a dishwasher, they can have a wash, rinse and a sanitize (station),” said Zach Manning, Lane County health inspector.

Another challenge, the food booths don’t have sinks for hand washing so they use buckets.

Watch KEZI 9 News tonight at 6 p.m. to see what happened when we went with Manning during his inspection at Saturday Market.

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  1. bill monsoor says:

    Too many people behind the scenes making sure the food you eat there is safe? I just heard a story that made me very up-set with the food inspector people. As you may know a large chain of restaurants that offer Buffets, at their restaurants, started offering personalized Mongolian grill choices, for your dinning pleasure. Well the health inspectors messed things up big time, changing the way to operate this grill to the point that, the restaurant chain pulled the Mongolian Grill from their restaurants. The customers and managers and regional managers, Directors were very mad and up-set with all the “b.S.”, over the Mongolian Grill idea being pushed around by the “INSPECTORS”.
    Please do a story on all the trouble they can cause a business and how costly it can become, especially when the food INSPECTORS keep changing the way they want things done. Believe it or not the INSPECTORS stated that all the food must be fully cooked before being on the grill and that all pans must be completely washed before another grilling. No wonder they got fed up with the “B.S.” We all have eaten at a Mongolian Grill through out the west and I choose my own food items to be grilled and they are grilled on a big grill along with several other peoples dinner. Hell the grill is hot enough to void any cross contamination concerns. PLEASE you have to do a story on this side of the story..please!

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