Inside Inspections: UO Greek Housing

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EUGENE, Ore. — When some students head off to college, they join a fraternity or a sorority and that becomes their new home.

There are 33 Greek lettered organizations at the University of Oregon. With so many students living in one place, it’s probably comforting for parents to know the Lane County Department of Environmental Health inspects these homes.

Greek Life contracts with the Lane County Health Department. An inspector comes out and looks over the building. They can then make recommendations which are forwarded to the office of Greek Life.

Health Inspector Zach Manning says there’s a checklist and it focuses on specifically the kitchen as well as the sleeping, laundry and garbage areas. Manning gives the fraternity or sorority a final report. If there’s a big enough violation he’ll call greek life.

Since this is contracted the health department, he doesn’t have specific administrative rules giving them authority over the fraternities or sororities.

Manning says he’s seen it all, from moldy items that should have been thrown away years ago, to open light sockets in the shower areas.

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