Inside New Conestoga Huts

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EUGENE, Ore. — After the city approved the new Conestoga huts as part of the St. Vincent de Paul overnight parking program, two people moved into their new places this weekend.

They finally have their own little something to call home. The occupants are still getting settled in, putting their own personal touches into what they call this safe, peaceful space.

Mark Hubble and Diane Sciacca are making the huts a home. For Sciacca, decoration is the key. For Hubble, it’s books and photos that are constant reminders of why he’s there.

But the bottom line, these innovative structures provide a warmth and safety that have helped nix the physical stress of not knowing where to go at night.

“It’s 100 times better than being in a tent, only because it gives you that privacy that you may want and/or need,” Hubble said.

“They made it bare bones, so obviously we can decorate to our heart’s content and totally make it ours,” Sciacca said.

Community members, businesses and shelter organizations put $18,000 into construction and plan to build more in the near future.

Both Sciacca and Hubble say although they’re standing on somewhat of a stable stepping stone now, they say their fight for those who are still unhoused will keep on.


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  1. lotusflower says:

    Eugene; the home for the homeless. What a great idea. Homeless camps have always attracted sustainability a respect for the environment and other people. They tend to, as well, encourage learning skills to give back to your community. With all the problems in Eugene, this was definitely a step in the right direction in making a Eugene a better place to live.

  2. Dianne says:

    That is great that there is something helping the homeless. My question is this: Why didn’t they let families be first in those huts…little kids that sleep in tents etc

  3. musicman60 says:

    yes the companys are just beating down our doors trying to move here because we have homeless get real people NO COMPANY IS GOING TO MOVE HERE BECAUSE OF OUR BUM CITY EUGENE ONCE WAS A PLACE TO BE PROUD OF BUT NOT ANYMORE ITS BUM CITY

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