International Fitness Holds Re-Opening

EUGENE, Ore. — Help yourself while helping others–that’s what a local gym hopes to convince folks to do Thursday.

The International Fitness on Green Acres Road will hold its grand re-opening. Everyone, member or not, can check out what the remodeled facility has to offer.

Formerly a Gold’s Gym, managers say the melding of the companies allowed them to do more for the community.

“Our motto is ‘Move your body, change the world.’ So every month we do a different nonprofit charity to where we’re giving back 5 percent of our proceeds,” said Skye Preussner, International Fitness District Manager.

This month, that money will go to the wildcat haven sanctuary in Sherwood. It will help Mac, a rescued tiger, and others like him get more space to roam free.


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  1. David says:

    BEWARE International Fitness!!!

    I would highly recommend NOT using this gym. Here is what happened to me. I went in one day to check it out and ended up signing up for 2 months and I paid $70 cash. Everything was fine until 40 days later when I went in and they said my membership had been cancelled. The next day I brought in my contract that said I still had 20 lays left and they refused to honor it because it didnt have the cash receipt stapled to it. Of course they never gave me a cash receipt or stapled anything to the contract on the day I signed up. So the company refused to acknowledge the contract and I had to call and speak to the manager to find out if she would re-instate my membership. Here is when it gets truly bizarre. The woman goes on to accuse me of conspiring with the employee who signed me up to try and steal membership to the gym. Apparently they have had a problem with employees giving out free memberships before so the manager demanded that I prove that i paid her company in cash. Yes, a manager of a company just demanded that I prove to her that I paid her company who gave me a membership and allowed me to use her gym for the past 40 days. This woman assumed that a paid member of the gym was stealing membership and cancelled the membership and accused the member of stealing from her company, without ever bothering to try and contact the member by the way. She eventually did re-instate the membership because she new legally that she couldnt just void my contract for no reason but she very clearly still didnt believe me and still thought I had somehow stolen membership to her gym. Yes this souunds like a crazy made up story, but sadly its true. I would be very careful before deciding to give this company any money.

  2. don jones says:

    The sad fact is the owner Troy Frinfrock is the worst person to do business with. He’ll cheat you everytime.

    And then they file bankruptcy and get out of paying their vendors.
    All the while bankrolling all the money they took and buying another gym.

    And now they want to do charity, like that absolves them of their dirty dealings.

    Its unfortunate that The Finfrocks bought Oz, but that is what we have to work with.

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