Intersection Safety Concerns Residents

EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of residents at a Eugene senior living community are worried about safety around their facility, specifically a couple of intersections that don’t have crosswalks.

There are two parts to Alpine Meadows. One includes assisted living, and the other is independent living. Those two areas are separated by a street, and some citizens say crossing that street is a safety hazard. It’s also an area where school buses stop.

The intersections of concern are Clarey and Riviera, along with Clarey and Aerial Way.

Residents started a petition asking for crosswalks, a 25-mile speed limit sign, and another sign letting drivers know handicapped people cross in that area.

The city traffic engineer, however, says public works conducted a study timing people while crossing the intersections and found they had enough time without adding marked crosswalks.

“I am saying there is not a safety benefit to be gained here from marking those crosswalks based on our studies, based on industry standards,” said Tom Larsen, Eugene Traffic Engineer.

“Our concern is that somebody is going to get hit there are a lot of people that have been very wary and very carefully going across this intersection but we don’t have it happen that it just slips up on us sometime,” said Dennis Gregory, Alpine Community Council President.

Alpine resident Dennis Gregory even made a plea to city councilors at Monday night’s meeting. A number of councilors seemed interested and even suggested the city manager look into the situation. Public works says for now it will install that 25-mile-per-hour speed sign.

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  1. Connee McCasland says:

    Jennifer … thank you for the very fair, nicely presented story.

    Alpine Senior Living is my home, along with my husband — a 100% Service Connected Disabled Vietnam Veteran/Amputee who uses both a manual wheelchair and an electric scooter. We live in the independent living cottages at Alpine Meadows but travel across the street most days to the main building (Alpine Springs) for some of our meals and activities.

    Several times in the 18 months that we have lived here Robert (Schulze) has come close to being hit by cars coming from either direction while he was crossing the street. I worry about him, as well as many of our fellow resident neighbors who are older and don’t move as quickly or hear as well as younger people.

    There are also children who ride school buses living in the surrounding homes and they, too, would benefit from cross walks on Clarey Street at Riviera and Aerial. When asked how they felt about the issue there was 100% support from all our surrrounding neighbors that we were able to reach. I think our Resident Council President, Dennis Gregory, presented our concerns and request very well and we thank you for bringing this matter to the attention of the rest of your viewers. We are hopeful for a positive outcome.

    Sincerely … Connee McCasland, LCSW & resident at Alpine Senior Living/ Alpine Meadows

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