Interview: Avoiding Identity Theft

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EUGENE, Ore. — For this week’s Crime Prevention Day, our topic is identity theft and ways that you can avoid it.

Crime Prevention Specialist Tod Schneider from the Eugene Police Department joined us on KEZI 9 News Midday to discuss the topic.


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  1. Sarah Katherine says:

    Pretty difficult to avoid having your identity thieved when everyone including the State of Oregon is selling your personal information! This includes DMV and any agency with whom you have contact. And in that “everyone” category you can include your doctors’ office and the pharmacy. And don’t forget those obnoxious ‘club cards” at Safeway and Albertsons and PetSmart and pretty much everyone else. Every single time you give out your personal information you are at risk of having your identity re-purposed by someone else. I have been a victim, twice. KEZI would do well to provide its viewers with much, much more than this cursory overview of this pernicious and often life-destroying crime!

  2. Irving says:

    Identity Theft has risen to epidemic proportions! There’s even a new movie (a comedy) out too that has a main theme around identity theft. But anymore anytime you provide any personal information about yourself from your home phone number to your SS # you have to be doubly cautious, unfortunately this is the society we now live in.

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