iPhone 5 Headache For Local Hotel

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EUGENE, Ore. — iPhone 5 fever is spreading, but one type of business is crying over some of the changes.

Apple’s new smartphone has a new charging plug. The problem is hotels, like Inn at the 5th  just invested in the latest technology for their rooms with iHome docking stations. The iHome stations will only work with the old iPhones.

The hotel offers 70 guest rooms and some of the rooms have two the docking stations, which translates into thousands of dollars.

“we thought we were ahead of the game and here we are now a little bit behind but that’s how it is that’s how technology goes,” said Inn at the 5th sales manager, Marissa Gaulton

“if you come to a beautiful hotel like this you want everything to be accommodating and our world is surrounded by technology and we can’t be accommodated to our technology then it does get a little frustrating,” said Inn at the 5th guest Erin Howell.

The boutique hotel says it will wait and gauge the demand before it takes the next steps to accommodate guests.

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