Iron Lung on Display in Eugene

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene elementary students are getting an up close look at a device used to save children’s live more than half a century ago.

The Airport Rotary Club is taking an iron lung to assemblies to as part of its polio awareness campaign. The iron lung is an air pump that worked to compress the chest. It was used on polio patients because the virus attacked the central nervous system along with muscles around the chest.

Irving Elementary fourth grader Braden Brummet got to test it out.

“I was just thinking I don’t get how people could do it, like stay in there for weeks and months,” Brummet said.

“There are three countries left in the world that rotary is trying to eradicate polio in and those are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria,” said Glen Martz, former Airport Rotary president.

Starting Thursday through November 2, the iron lung will be on display at Oakway Center in Heritage Court.

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