IRS Scam Warning

EUGENE, Ore. — A Eugene man is warning others after he took a call from an IRS scam artist.8-20 IRS SCAM PIC

Alex Aanderud says he got a call Wednesday from someone claiming to be from the Department of Legal Affairs with the Internal Revenue Service.

He says they claimed they were going to take legal action against him because his CP503, a tax account was overdue.

He says the caller claimed they’d passed the point of taking money and they’d be issuing a warrant for his arrest.
Aanderud wasn’t convinced.

He pressed the caller further, asking more detailed questions.

He says he was then transferred to a man named Chris Harris.

Through internet searches, he found the name was of an actual IRS agent in Washington.

But Aanderud says they never directly asked for money.

“We’re not able to take money from you, we’re not able to take money from you. We’re just calling to let you know that this is your final chance that you’ve got an arrest warrant coming up. And what they were looking for was an individual to say, which is what I said is ‘what would it take for me not to have this arrest warrant,” said Aanderud.

Aanderud says the caller posing as Chris Harris told him they normally can’t do anything but he could drop off cash at a local Albertons.

He says he just wants to make sure the community is aware of this scam.

Eugene Police say there’s been hundreds of IRS scams during this tax season.

They say to remember the government will never call you over the phone asking for money.

You’ll normally get a formal notice in the mail or someone in person at your door.


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  1. Tim says:

    I just received the same call. Someone threatened to send an agent to arrest me. I told them that I didn’t think this is real and would call the IRS directly.

  2. Darrell says:

    I just (October 15, 2014) had a very similar call. They referenced the CP503 form, said there was a miscalculation on my 2010 federal form and that it was “too late”: there were agents on their way to my house to arrest me! At that point it was pretty insane. I made some excuse that I had an emergency and had to call them back. I then called my tax preparer’s office and was told about similar IRS scams going around.

    They made it all sound extremely dire. Both men I talked to had Indian accents, but, like the example above, the one name I got was very American-sounding (Kevin Smith).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just received the same call in Bellevue, WA. This posting has been helpful as I will certainly not follow up. My case worker was also the infamous Chris Harris. Watch out!

  4. Marc says:

    Just received the same call, saying the CP503 is so serious that it cannot be sent by mail, and that my arrest was imminent. Name used was Danny Archer. I was first called by “Carol Gibbs”, who told me to call (202)591-1616. Both had foreign accents. I am glad I was able to find your posting while they had me on the phone! They demanded $2989.00 in cash. I told them I was looking forward to being arrested and handling it with my attorney. :)

  5. James says:

    I just received the same call from “Edward Williams” who then transeferred me to “Danny Archer”. They said they were with the Dept of Legal Affairs for The US Treasury. They stated I had owed $1098 in back taxes. I had recently completed an audit for 2010, 2011, 2012 and received a letter from the IRS that our account was in good standing and paid in full. I stated this to “Danny”. He said “I don;t care. If you want to argue about this them we have an officer coming to your address with a subpoena and you will be arrested.” I asked for his address – He would not give it to me. I asked for a copy of the CP503 – He would not give it to me. (By this time I had my CPA on the other line and she was coaching me what to say to him).
    I asked for his phone number and looked it up on the web. I came to this page and WOW – what a relief.
    I informed “Danny” that I was looking at an investigative report on the phone number 202-591-1616 being used as an IRS Scam. He hung up immediately. Thank you KEZI!!!!!

  6. Gary Schnabolk says:

    Just recieved the same call today in Broward county Florida. They said I owed the IRS $1900+ for fraudulant activity several years ago and an officer was on the way to have me arrested. Fortuneately I checked on the web and found out this was a scam. THANK YOU KEZI.

  7. Vance says:

    This call was too funny. I got the same thing you have a legal issue against you. So they told me to call the 202-591-1616 number and speak to a case officer. I said well my caller ID says you are calling from that number so why don’t just pass the phone over to him. She hung up on me. I think I’m going to call them everyday for fun.

  8. Bruce says:

    I just recieved this call as well. Hampden, ME. Scam might have worked better if they could actually speak english. But telling someone that their not paying owed taxes resulted in “death by deception”, which actually was “chest by deception” after asking him to spell it out 7 times, is really not a good way to start.

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