Is Facebook Advertising Effective?

By Nha Nguyen

EUGENE, Ore. — With GM pulling away from the social media giant, it might make you wonder: How effective is advertising on a site like Facebook?

Many of the people KEZI spoke with say they loved what Facebook allowed them to do — connect with friends and family.

That’s why they joined the site in the first place.

When KEZI asked them how effective they found advertising, the answer was clear.

Student after student agreed that ads aren’t just ineffective — in some cases, they’re despised.

The few people who admitted to clicking on ads say they only do it when the product is something they’re interested in.

Most people just chose to ignore the ads.

KEZI also asked several people if they thought GM pulling out would hurt Facebook stock sales on Friday.

Most didn’t think so since there was so much excitement surrounding the public debut.

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