Is November the new September?

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Is November the new September? You would think so after looking at yesterday’s high temperatures! Eugene hit a high of 74 degrees. That is almost 20 degrees above the average of 56. Even the low of 57 was warmer that what we typically see in the late afternoon. Records were also set in Corvallis, Roseburg and Medford.

The jet stream has moved north, which is not only blocking other storms from moving in, but is also bringing up some heat from the south. We’ll see that again today, although it’s also pretty muggy.

Dew points only fell to the low 50s this morning, causing dense fog to form in the southern Willamette Valley.  This fog will break and it’ll be right back up to the upper 60s and low 70s for highs across western Oregon.

It is truly November though, which means this weather can’t last for long. We’re going to see big changes for the second half of the week. The jet stream is going to head south and very cold, arctic air is going to settle over the Pacific Northwest.

Tuesday will be the transition day. We’ll see highs fall to the low 60s with morning fog and afternoon sunshine. A front will move in late Tuesday which will bring back the rain by early Wednesday. High temps Wednesday will fall to the mid 50s with lows drooping to the mid 30s.

The freezing level will drop to 3,000 feet Thursday as this cold arctic air moves in. We’ll see rain in the lower elevations Wednesday through Friday, with snow falling in the higher foothills and at the passes.

Soak up this unseasonably warm, sunny weather while you still can!

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-Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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