Jackson Co. Enacts One-Year Moratorium

Marijuana-HempMEDFORD, Ore — Jackson County is implementing a one-year moratorium against medical marijuana dispensaries.

There is already an emergency moratorium in place for the next 120 days.  The new moratorium will overlap and pick up where that one leaves off.  The one-year moratorium will give commissioners time to work out kinks and sort through unanswered questions.

“We have to really figure out how we are going to do this, what we are willing to risk basically on legal lawsuits, weigh in the consequences, so there is a lot to consider here,” said Doug Breidenthal, Jackson County Commissioner.

The medical marijuana dispensary moratorium will be in effect through May 1, 2015.  This moratorium will affect the unincorporated parts of Jackson County.  Cities are responsible for their own moratoriums.

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