Jackson County Jail Escapee Found Guilty

monical-convicted-250x250MEDFORD, Ore. – The man who escaped from the Jackson County Jail and eluded police for nearly a year was convicted Wednesday.

Bradley Monical was found guilty by a jury in Jackson County Court and will serve 30 months in prison. Monical was already serving a 22-year sentence in connection with a robbery in Coos Bay when he escaped from the jail in November 2012.

Sheriff’s deputies said on the day of the escape, Monical was in a recreation yard in the jail with three other inmates. Somehow he got through a mesh wiring above the yard, then jumped from the roof of the jail to a nearby tree and escaped. Police finally arrested him in Oregon City this past November after a year-long search.

During Wednesday’s testimony, a Jackson County Sheriff’s deputy said he had put the four inmates in the rec yard, locked the door, then went back to his post to do other tasks. He also added that his view of the rec area was partially obscured by drapes and curtains on some of the windows, which are used when female prisoners use the yard.

Several guards testified that they were alerted something had happened, and quickly saw that Monical was gone, and a hole was in the mesh wire. A surveillance video shown in court appears to show a man jumping out of a nearby tree and running off.

Monical’s attorney argued that it was not Monical who had escaped from the jail, but another inmate the guards confused for Monical.

The jury didn’t buy it.

“It really was pretty obvious,” said Beth Heckert, Jackson County District Attorney. “He was sentenced to be in the jail and he wasn’t there. He was located in Oregon City almost a year later.”

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters said jail staff have taken steps to make sure an escape never happens again, but he would not go into detail about what those steps were.

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