Jackson County: Measure to Ban GMOs

JaCoGMOMEDFORD, Ore. – Chances are, you’ve seen political advertisements surrounding the growth of genetically modified organisms or GMO’s. Both sides of Measure 15-119 have been campaigning for weeks, trying to influence voters about banning the growth of GMO’s in the county.

It is a measure only Jackson County voters will have the chance to decide on, since similar efforts are banned from the state. Last October, Oregon representatives passed two bills prohibiting any county or city from enforcing measures which regulate agricultural, flower, nursery and vegetable seeds or their products. Those behind the effort in Jackson County gathered enough signatures and filed proper paperwork just before the rule went into effect.

This campaign brought in big bucks on both sides. Campaign leaders say about $900,000 in donations went to those opposing the ban. About $400,000 in donations went to those supporting the ban.

For a look at financial activity in the election, click here.

This is what the voters decided:

YES: 66.36%

NO: 33.64%

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