Jail Beds Reserved for Addicted Inmates

jail bedsMEDFORD, Ore. — No start date has been set, but in the coming weeks, up to 24 beds at the Jackson County Jail will be used for addictions treatment. Josephine County also wants to get on board, and will be renting three beds for their inmates.

Josephine County will pay $100 a day per bed in an agreement that will last until July 2015, but can end before then if needed. Josephine County got the funding from the state, after savings from changes to prison sentencing were dispersed to counties. Community Corrections Director Abe Huntley said there are about a thousand offenders they supervise in Josephine County, and the ones chosen for the three jail beds will be the ones most at risk, and willing to change their ways.

“We have no shortage of customers who may fit the bill for this, but, again, it’s going to need to be somebody who wants to participate, wants to get better,” said Huntley.

The three jail beds will only be for male inmates, because the Jackson County Jail doesn’t have female beds for this treatment.

Josephine County’s jail has the space, but Huntley said lacks the staff and funds for such a program.

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