Japanese Garden to Open in Corvallis

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CORVALLIS, Ore. – On tax day, visitors have an opportunity to relax at a Japanese-style garden that is opening Tuesday for the season.

Garden of Gentle Breeze, a private garden in the Vineyard Mountain area, is opening for the third year to visitors.

The owner, Jay Gray, says the garden is a way for people to enjoy nature in a soothing way.

“It’s been found that people who have gone through tragedies, misfortune, and people who have had severe illnesses have found a restorative and health benefit to visiting Japanese-style gardens,” Gray said.

The grounds are home to two gardens: a tea or zen style garden, and a strolling garden. Gray has been working on the gardens for years.

“I’ve raised three children as a single dad,” Gray said. “And I’m so grateful. That’s the highlight of my life. And number two would be that I’ve created this garden.”

Gray studied in Japan and has visited numerous times.

“I love all things Japanese,” he said. “I love the culture, the aesthetics, the religion; the philosophies.”

The walk comes with a lesson of Japanese culture, including seeing an authentic caretaker’s cottage and displayed artifacts.

“It was through the encouragement of my children and friends who said: ‘This is like a park! You should let people come and see it,’” Gray said.

The garden will be open daily until approximately Oct. 15 from 11am – 6 pm. Gray says he is flexible if visitors would like to come outside of normal visiting times as long as they contact him in advance by phone at: (541) 745-7315, or by e-mail at: jaygray44@gmail.com

The garden has its biggest celebration on Mother’s Day, when mothers can get in for free. There will also likely be food available.

On all other days, it costs $5 for adults to visit, $4 for seniors, and kids 17 and under are free.

For more information about the garden, click here.

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