Jasper Volunteer to Donate Book Sales

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JASPER, Ore. — A Jasper Mountain volunteer is putting his pen to work, writing a children’s book and giving all of his book sales back to the program.

Greg Ahlijian says he was teaching students about ancient trees one day at Jasper when he got the inspiration to write the book “The Large Rock and the Little Yew Tree.”

He says the story, which follows the struggles and perseverance of a yew tree seedling stuck under a rock is all about life lessons.

He says he wrote the story for the children at Jasper Mountain, kids who are emotionally disturbed and have lived rough lives.

Ahlijian’s earned $56,000 in sales and says he plans to donate it all back to Jasper Mountain.

“This book belongs to children, and that’s why I want all the proceeds to benefit children. I’m just their agent,” Ahlijian said.

Ahlijian says the money will go to fund the construction of a multi-use children’s courtyard.

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