Jeppesen Acres Road Improvements on Hold

EUGENE, Ore. — A controversial and pricey plan to improve a stretch of Jeppeson Acres Road is on hold.

The city made the decision at Tuesday night’s work session.

Council talked about the plans at length.

The original design called for sidewalks on both sides of the street and improvements to the road.

Homeowners would have had to pay about $16,000 to help pay for part of the work.

During previous public hearings, the city heard more than 25 objections.

It has since backed off the plans and will now wait before taking any action.

“It’s still a project within our transportation plan. At this time council decided not to proceed because of the number of objections from the property owners that would end up paying an assessment for the project,” said City Engineer Mark Schoening.

Also the meeting, the city asked staff to evaluate the 50 miles of streets that aren’t maintained by the city, like Jeppesen Acres, and come up with a plan to address those streets.

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