Jeremiah Masoli and Garret Embry Sentenced

March 12, 201

By Dan Corcoran

EUGENE, Ore. — An about-face and an admission of guilt in Lane County Circuit Court from Oregon quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and former wide receiver Garrett Embry.

They will both serve identical sentences for second-degree burglary. That includes 12 months probation and 140 hours of community service to be served within the next eight months. They will pay nearly $5,000 total in restitution to the victim at the SAE fraternity house. They must stay away from the victim, Max Wolfard, and the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house where they stole two laptop computers, a projector and a guitar on January 24.

Court documents show that Masoli was interviewd by investigators on the 25th, and denied ever entering the SAE frat house the night before. Until recently, Masoli and his cousin had the same story, that they were at Taylor’s Bar at the time of the crime was unfolding.

Because they avoid any jail time, Masoli and Embry must instead complete community service. The DA says a task like that will be made very difficult because of the high profile of this case and the fall these athletes have taken.

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