Eugene Jiffy Lube Team Wins Competition

EUGENE, Ore. — A couple weeks ago we introduced you to the “West 7th Savages,” a local Jiffy Lube crew in the running for a national competition.

Well, they won! Out of 1,500 teams, the Savages were one of three to make it to the finals in Florida.

They beat out the rest of the competition for fastest oil change, taking home the top prize of $10,000.


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  1. steve says:

    what was there time

    1. Krystal Roloff says:

      The grand finals are based on quality, efficiency, bay calls (word for word) and overall performance. There are a possible 100 points in the judging and missing one word on a bay call will cost you a point. To get to the finals ,speed is a big factor, however, in the final round time is only used as a tie breaker. In yesterday’s competition, it didn’t come down to that. It was a great experience and we are proud to say we are from Eugene Oregon coming home with the W!!!

  2. Kara Beachem says:

    So proud of my team. Love you guys. Go West 7th Savages!!!!!!!!!

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