Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store Opens

EUGENE, Ore. — Crafters, scrapbookers, and seamstresses are all loading up now that Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store is open for business.

Its new location in the Delta Oaks Shopping Center just opened. The building had been vacant since 2005.

With the extra space, store managers plan to offer more services and products and expand the selection of fabrics, while the scrapbooking section is set to triple in size.

Customers who were used to going to the River Road location say they are excited about this opening.

“The last couple of weeks is like there is nothing there and I am waiting patiently because I don’t want to drive to Springfield to get my bag of yarn, so yeah I am definitely excited about this happening,” said Eugene resident Theresa Slocum.

Jo-Ann’s official grand opening is set for Nov. 15.

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