Job Skills Jam

EUGENE, Ore. — Getting a job can be challenging if you lack experience. On Thursday, Eugene is helping people gain the skills employers are looking for at its Job Skills Jam.

The city is offering volunteer positions in recreation, for example at Echo Hollow Pool. Volunteers there can become certified as a lifeguard or assist with swimming lessons. It’s a great opportunity for teens looking to get their foot in the door.

As a volunteer, you’ll gain experience and skills that will prepare you for a future job, such as learning how to be part of a team, problem solving and customer service. Gaining those skills could even land you a job with the city.

“Here in aquatics we hire a lot of lifeguards for the summer. We have 30 or more positions that we hire certified lifeguards for, so there are lots of opportunities afterwards as well,” says Senior Recreation Program Supervisor Anastasia Ehlers.

Other volunteer opportunities available this summer include assisting with summer camp, outdoor programs and teen court.

There will also be representatives at the event with tips on resume writing, interviewing and completing job applications. The event will be held at Echo Hollow Pool at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday.

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