Johan Gillette Murder Trial Continues

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EUGENE, Ore. — Tuesday was day four of the double murder trial of Johan Gillette. Gillette is the Eugene man accused of killing his father and his father’s girlfriend, retired University of Oregon professor Anne McLucas.

The jury was presented photos of Gillette and other physical evidence on the day of the murders.

The prosecution called to the stand a number of detectives and a sergeant with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office. It also continued to question lead detective Aaron Hoberg, focusing on photos taken of Johan Gillette the day of the murders.

In the photos, Gillette has cuts on his head, which he claimed in a video interview were from shaving. His left hand had visible bruising, along with a sore on the inside of his left thumb that appeared to be fresh skin from a blister. He also had some bruising on his right ankle and knees.

“At some point I think you talked to the defendant about something on his shirt? I did. What was it that you saw on his shirt? Like a bleach stain on the front of his shirt. Little spots. Ok we’ll zoom in here, does that show a little bit better here? Yes,” said Detective Aaron Hoberg, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

The prosecution also called deputies who presented the clothes that McLucas and James Gillette were wearing on the day of the murders, which were obtained at the scene on James Gillette and later from McLucas at the hospital.

Detective Randall Fenley also presented phone records from James Gillette’s tenant, Monty Smith who was calling James Gillette’s cell phone and house phone day of the killings. The calls began around 2 p.m. and ended around 7 p.m. when neighbors discovered McLucas and James Gillette.

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