John Williams Rehearses at the Hult

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EUGENE, Ore. — Hollywood is coming to Hult Center. Legendary composer John Williams rehearsed with the Eugene Symphony orchestra Friday night.

Williams has served as music director for box office hits including all six Star Wars films, Superman, E.T., Jaws, and more.

He’s earned 47 Oscar nominations, making him the academy’s most nominated living person.

He’s preparing for the big concert with the Eugene Symphony Saturday night. It’s one of a handful of performances for Williams this year and an honor for the Eugene Symphony.

“He happens to know a flutist who was in the Hollywood film industry for years and happens to live in Vida. She suggested you should come to Eugene. You’d love the orchestra. You’d love the town. You should come by some time. He said, ‘Great. Sounds nice. I’ll do it,'” said Scott Freck, Eugene Symphony Executive Director.

There are limited tickets to Saturday’s event. All proceeds from the concert benefits the Eugene Symphony’s educational outreach programs.

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