Joint Efforts Lead to DUII Arrests

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EUGENE, Ore. — Local police departments and state troopers collaborated during the weekend to crack down on drunk driving.

The combined efforts of  five different agencies led to 19 DUII arrests from Friday night into Saturday morning. There were also 28 citations for other offenses and more than 100 warnings.

Officers pulled over any vehicles whose driving was questionable. Once they made contact with the driver, officers were able to determine if field sobriety tests was needed.

“The primary part of any DUI investigation is developing our reasonable suspicion and having the ability based on development of probable cause and reason of suspicion of a crime which in this case would be DUI,” said Oregon State Police Trooper Michael Berland.

During investigations, officers used a series of sobriety tests to monitor sobriety. The first required drivers to follow a light with their eyes.  The next had drivers walk in a straight line, heel to toe, for nine steps. The last, had drivers stand on one leg for30 seconds.

Officers said this weekend’s efforts were a success and drivers should expect to see these multi-agency tactics in the future, especially during holidays or special events.


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  1. Ron says:

    I’d like to see mug shots, names, address and work places listed in the paper

  2. disgusted says:

    This is what we pay taxes for, for the cops to be out harrassing the public. Stopping them for all kind of trumped up reasons and then making them go through a sobriety test for “practice”.

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