Josh Bidwell Golf Classic 2014

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — It certainly wasn’t the weather that brought dozens of celebrities out to play golf at the Roseburg Country Club Friday, but an event that’s giving back to the community in a big way.

They aren’t professional golfers, but many playing the game are linked together through a professional sports background.

“Early 2000s to guys who played in the 70s or wherever in between. We’re trying to do more stuff together,” said former Duck Ryan DePalo.

“We sell out every year. We have a waiting list essentially every year,” said former Duck and NFL player Josh Bidwell.

Former NFL pro-punter and former Duck Josh Bidwell is the one aligning the stars.

“Josh is a great individual that we all like to model after. You look up to him and hope you can be like him one day,” said former Beaver and CFL player Alexis Serna.

Bidwell had cancer back in 1999. He says then, he didn’t qualify for NFL medical assistance.

“Every cent was paid for. I had people donate money out of their own personal accounts, I had kids fundraise at schools,” Bidwell said.

He even got help from people in his hometown of Winston. That’s why Bidwell comes back every year to put on the charity golf event.

“So the three ways I was most effected as a child are the three areas we are going to give back to our foundation,” Bidwell said.

All the money raised through this charity tee time will help the community cancer center, youth sports programs and Young Life. An effort these athletes say is worth competing toward.

Although, there’s only one score here worth keeping.

“This year we’ve raise almost $300,000 and $300,000 in this community goes a long way,” Bidwell said.

That $300,000 doesn’t include this year’s totals, which haven’t been calculated yet.

Other stars at the event were NBA star Darrell Imhoff, movie star Gregory Harrison, former Oregon quarterback Joey Harrington and former UO football and basketball player Jordan Kent.

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