Judge Hands Down 50-Year Sentence

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Lane County judge sentenced a man to 50 years in prison for a sex abuse case.

The courtroom was filled with supportive friends and families during Wednesday’s trial. People on both sides shed tears as the parties worked through the case and sentencing.

In less than two hours, the presiding judge ruled 50-year-old Russell Crummett would spend the next 50 years in prison.

“Judge Zanache, ultimately, and I think reasonably went with the high end of the range because of the pervasiveness of Mr. Crummett’s conduct,” said prosecutor Erik Hasselman.

That conduct spanned years, most of which happened at apartments in Eugene. Investigators say Crummett sexually abused at least six girls–the youngest just 7 when the abuse began.

“They were carrying an enormous amount of guilt with them. So some of these children were really reluctant to talk because they had been brainwashed by Mr. Crummett,” Hasselman said.

Each victim appeared in court as Crummett apologized for what happened.

“He is heartbroken. Remorseful doesn’t even begin to cover it. There were things that happened that he can’t take back, and I think he acknowledged that,” Hansen said.

While Crummett only being held to 12 of more than 40 different charges, the victims and their families are satisfied with the outcome.

“After meeting with them, relief would be the best way to describe. I think happy is probably overstating it, you know, because the other side of this equation is that a man is losing his liberty for the rest of his life,” Hasselman said.

“While there may not be any room in people’s hearts for sympathy for Mr. Crummett. It’s too bad. It’s just too bad,” said defense attorney Chris Hansen.

In a stipulated facts trial, the case moves forward with a guilty verdict on charges agreed upon by both parties. But the defendant hasn’t exactly admitted to any guilt and preserves his right to appeal certain issues in the case.

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