Judge Rules Kidd Unable to Stand Trial

EUGENE, Ore. — A major decision was made Wednesday in the case of the woman accused of killing Eugene police Officer Chris Kilcullen.

Cheryl Kidd appeared in a Lane County courtroom for a hearing. A recent report says she is mentally ill and her status will not change. The charges were dismissed and the judge committed Kidd for two years, at which point she will be reviewed.

Prosecutors say their hands are tied.

“The way that the law works is that a defendant must be fit to proceed. They must understand the nature of the proceedings against them…and a determination had been made that she cannot be fit and that there’s no substantial likelihood that she will be fit,” said prosecutor Dave Schwartz.

Officer Kilcullen’s wife and family were in the courtroom. We will have a full report on this story tonight on KEZI 9 News at 5 p.m.


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  1. Elaine Clark says:

    This woman was sane enough to purchase a gun. Than she proceed to kill. It could have been you or one of your family. In stead she killed without consciousness and ended a good mans life an asset to the community. She should be tried by a jury and hopefully convicted and receive the death penalty.

    1. Elaine Clark says:

      Try her and put her injail

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