Junction City Starts Bond Campaign

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JUNCTION CITY, Ore. — Supporters of the Junction City School District’s bond measure kicked off their campaign Monday.

The $32.4 million bond will fund the replacement of the elementary school, update heating-ventilating systems in all the schools, upgrade communication and security infrastructure throughout the district, and replace the grandstands and lights at Junction City High School.

Craig Rothenberger, who has been the Junction City High School athletic director since 1988, is one of several school staff members who say this work is long overdue.

“The lights have been an issue for us for a while. We’ve been patching them together to try to keep them operating every Thursday night. When I kick the lights on I say. ‘Ok, let’s see what happens.’ And most nights it works, but it’s an old system,” Rothenberger said.

Rothenberger wasn’t alone in his thinking. There were plenty of co-workers, even more invested in the idea. Many of whom, along with other community members, gathered in front of Laurel Elementary to show their support.

“It can be a little tricky. The heating system doesn’t always work. The cooling system doesn’t always work. My son is in the third grade and in his classroom there is no windows, which makes it difficult,” said 4th grade teacher John Nelson.

Supporters say they look at the bigger picture.

“When we are providing the right education for our kids, we are helping to raise good citizens that will ultimately possibly come back to Junction City and live here and work here and raise a family here. We are a very tight knit community. Whether you have young kids or not, just know that our schools are kind of the center of our community,” said 4th grade teacher Leigh Wilcox.

The bond measure will be paid off over 21 years.

To find out more about the measure or how you can offer your help, click here.

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  1. greg says:

    These people are not telling the whole story at the school district, Yes the hvac heed;s to work. But those light’s at the grand stand’s are not as old as they say. The last bond measure in 96 fixed those they even reduced the amount of light’s they have. They are not telling everyone that it will cost someone with a home valued at $180,000 an additional $400.00 on their property taxes a year forthe next 21 YEARS.

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