Jurors Hear Contradicting Testimony in Swartout Retrial

EUGENE, Ore. — Contradicting testimony was front and center Wednesday in the Angelica Swartout murder trial.

A doctor testified about a physical exam she conducted on Swartout while she was in jail.

“It is my professional opinion that she was not pregnant. First of all, there is no proof that would be acceptable to an obstetrician that she was pregnant,” said gynecologist Dr. Linda Harris.

That contradicts another doctor who testified for the prosecution, concluding Swartout had likely given birth.

Wednesday’s doctor stated that if Swartout had given birth, her stretch marks would be more pronounced and the linea nigra line on her stomach would be darker.

Then Dr. Harris gave her opinion about the alleged delivery day.

“In such a short time to deliver, hold the baby, cover it with the sheet, clean everything up, get it to the dumpster with a completely white shirt, go back to her desk. It is impossible,” Harris said.

Dr. Harris says her opinion on the issue is stronger than when she testified at the previous trial because she read the previous trials transcripts.

The prosecution hammered her for making herself into “the 13th juror.”

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