Jury Acquits Swartout

By Jennifer Richardson

EUGENE, Ore. — It only took about an hour for jurors in the Angelica Swartout murder trial to decide she is innocent.

The verdict comes after almost a month of testimony.

There have been a lot of tears shed Thursday afternoon, and Swartout is all smiles.

She was at a local hotel with her attorneys as they spoke on her behalf, saying she is overwhelmed and extremely grateful to the jurors.

When Swartout left jail and met her attorneys at the hotel, they all walked out holding hands smiling and crying.

Defense Attorney Gordon Mallon accused the prosecution Thursday of having access to a passed polygraph but never believed it.

The defense says their biggest fear was that they were positive of her innocence and they wouldn’t be believed.

“We are going to go forward. Ms. Swartout is going to go forward. She is going to move on with her life, try to get into school, do the things she’s been held up for a year and a half,” Mallon said.

“I love my client, my client, I really do. She is one of the most incredibly strong woman I have ever had the chance to meet,” said defense attorney Evelyn Oldenkamp.

Ten jurors had to agree on the verdict.

Mallon says he saw one juror mouth the words unanimous.

The defense says it was very surprised with how quick this verdict was.

Prosecutor Bob Lane left the courtroom and was unavailable for comment.

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