Jury Backs Deputy In Deadly Shooting

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ALBANY, Ore. — Just two hours after closing arguments, A jury found Deputy David Francis justified in the 2010 shooting death of an Albany man.

Undersheriff Bruce Riley says Deputy David Francis feels very relieved. But in November 2010, he feared for his life.

“The vehicle was coming straight at him and he thought he was going to be hit and killed by the vehicle,” Undersheriff Riley said.

Inside that vehicle was the driver, 26-year-old Jesse Drew Seeley, and a passenger. They pulled up to the driveway of a Brownsville home where Francis was responding to a burglary in progress. According to an attorney who represented Linn County, Francis had ordered Seeley to stop the car. Instead, Seeley reportedly sped up and tried to run over the deputy. That’s when Francis first pulled the trigger.

“All along in his mind he felt like he had to do what he had to do,” said Undersheriff Riley.

In all, four shots were fired. Seeley was hit twice, killing him. Seeley’s family believes the shooting was unnecessary and sued the Linn County Sheriff’s Office for one million dollars.

Their attorney said in a statement, “They were not trying to run over the officer… Instead, the officer was preventing them from doing so, by repeatedly placing himself in front of the car… Obviously, we were disappointed in the jury’s verdict…”

Seeley had a criminal history of drug use and theft. The Seeley family’s attorney will have 30 days from the date of the judgment to appeal.

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