Jury Sentences Taylor to Death

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¬†EUGENE, Ore. — A Lane County jury says convicted murderer David Ray Taylor should be sentenced to death for his crimes.

There were a lot of hugs and tears from the victim’s family after hearing that verdict.

The jury believes taylor is a continuing threat to society, and that he deliberately killed 22-year-old Celestino Gutierrez and should be put to death for his crimes.

Taylor was convicted last week on three counts of aggravated murder and one count of intentional murder. Back in 2012, investigators say Taylor and two accomplices lured Gutierrez from a bar and tortured and killed him so they could steal his car for a bank robbery.

Gutierrez’s family didn’t want to go on camera but told KEZI 9 News they hope his sentence is carried through.

Governor John Kitzhaber says he won’t let anyone be executed while he’s governor.

Celestino’s brother Jeff told KEZI 9 News Kitzhaber has a responsibility to carry this sentence through. He hopes this case changes the governor’s stance on the death penalty. He said if one good thing could come out of this tragedy, it’s that the state honors the voter’s decision to follow through with the death penalty.

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