K-9 Helps Police Find Suspects

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Police are thanking their four-legged officers for helping them find the shooting suspects from the shooting at the Springfield Wal-Mart.

K-9 units were on the scene from both Eugene and Springfield police departments yesterday.

Fedo is with Springfield police. Officer Justin Myers is Fedo’s handler and he said having dogs on the force is an asset. Shortly after arriving at the scene, Fedo led investigators to the first suspect.

“Fedo pulls us down the alley way. About half way, it’s pretty overgrown with brush and bushes and blackberries. About half way down, the suspect ended up standing up and saying ‘Ok. I’ve had enough. I don’t want any business with the dog,’ and gives up to us at that point,” said Myers.

Fedo also led police to the second suspect an hour later.

Eugene police K-9, Max, helped investigators locate the weapon in an alley.

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