Kaleidoscope Breaks Down

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Thousands flocked to the Mount Pisgah area last weekend for the first ever Kaleidoscope Music Festival. Coordinators say about 20,000 people filled Emerald Meadows over the course of the event.

Visitors came from all over Oregon and from 44 states and six different countries. All of whom cleared out Monday.

Organizers say the event was a lot of work to put on, but well worth it.

“A lot of people road tripping and that just for us to be able to impact people and provide this great experience for them and everything being so peaceful and smooth from a logistical stand point was pretty amazing,” said Ryan Swift, Kaleidoscope CFO.

Swift says overall, the inaugural event was a success. He says the biggest issue was the huge number of campers.

While things went smoothly inside the venue, it was a different feeling outside. There were multiple noise complaints from Mount Pisgah neighbors.

Organizers say this was their first year and while they did their best to minimize disrupting the community; if given the chance to do it all again, they’d consider moving stages around to alleviate the issue.

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