Kaleidoscope Music Festival Kicks Off

EUGENE, Ore. — Thousands of people are experiencing the first-ever Kaleidoscope Music Festival at Mt. Pisgah this weekend.

Friday marks the start of the event, which runs through Sunday. Organizers say it’s an excellent fusion of a variety of bands and other entertainment, but not everyone is happy about the music in the meadows; some neighbors complain that the festival generates too much noise.

“During the day, you can’t even eat a meal in this house, which is about 50 yards away, because your plate’s moving on the table,” says Anna Lawrence, who lives nearby.

Organizers say they’ve been reaching out to the community throughout the entire process and that they’re working to address the issue.  Event director Jason Lear says they’re currently in the process of building sound-dampening barriers out of straw and bales of hay.

“This is our first year,” says Lear.  “It’s going to take maybe a year or two to dial in ways that we have the most minimal possible disruption.”

The neighborhood association is currently working to get the county to hold a public hearing on the matter.  Lane County representatives say that all the events are being held under the proper regulations.


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  1. Dave says:

    “Lane County representatives say that all the events are being held under the proper regulations.”

    What they are NOT telling the public is that when they rent out public property for concerts such as these they have a clause that exempts the event from ordinary County noise abatement law. So the County reps are lying because the event is not being held under the proper noise law regulations, the event is purposely exempted from these regulations by a County govt. blinded by their own thirst for their almighty dollar.

  2. Beverly Henderson says:

    I live near South 42nd and Jasper, at least 5 miles away as the crow flies. The music was so loud on Friday night I thought it was coming from next door. That was too loud. If these people want to have music festivals, they must follow the same regulations as everyone else. No exemptions or exceptions!

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