KEZI Top 9 Stories of 2012

#9: President Obama Re-Elected over Mitt Romney

Barack Obama was re-elected to office in November after winning several key swing states, including Ohio, pushing him over the 270 electoral mark. Republican challenger Mitt Romney gave a weaker than expected effort against Obama, ensuring an eight year seat for the former senator from Illinois.
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#8: Gas Prices

Up, down, up, down. Gas prices in 2012 were a bit of a rollercoaster, once over $4 a gallon. Now, as 2012 comes to a close, the story is how gas prices are starting to creep towards $3… and below?
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#7: Michelle Obama Commencement Speech at OSU

Corvallis residents and Oregon State University students alike got a surprise when first lady Michelle Obama announced she would be joining the ceremony for commencement during the university’s 2012 gradution, giving a speech to almost 33,000 people packed into Reser Stadium.
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#6: Eugene Takes on Homelessness

Eugene has battled its homeless problem all year, starting with the issues brought up by Occupy Eugene and through the end of the year with Eugene SLEEPs.
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#5: Swartout Trial

Angelica Swartout was accused of killing her baby and went through two trials. Swartout testified that the baby never existed in the first place, and had lied to her family about the baby dying. A jury found her not guilty in May of 2012.
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#4: Year in Sports

Oregon certainly is coming into its own in the world of sport, and in 2012 the trend continued. Oregon State coach Mike Riley, rumored to be on the hot seat at the start of the season, led the Beavers to a 9-3 record and has a legitimate case for Coach of the Year. Chip Kelly led the Ducks to their first Rose Bowl win in 95 years, then came oh-so-close to bolting for the NFL. And Ashton Eaton set a world record in the decathlon. Click above to see the top 9 sports stories of 2012. Want more sports coverage? Head over to our sports page.

#3: Japanese Tsunami Dock Hits Oregon Coast

After an earthquake caused a massive tsunami in Japan, the resulting debris found its way across the Pacific ocean and on the shores near Newport, Oregon. KEZI 9 News was there to cover visitors to the debris, as well as it’s eventual destruction and entry into Oregon history.
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#2: Lane County Experiences Budget Crisis

Lane County experienced a massive budget shortage in 2012, and the county had to cut vital services and reduce program expenditures. Part of the crisis was the decision to release dozens of inmates from the Lane County Jail as captured by KEZI 9 News.
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#1: Weather in Oregon

In 2012 the state of Oregon experienced it all. Gustnados, the Pole Creek fire, snow, sweltering heat, and major flooding during the early part of the year.
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