Kids Club Gets Pumped for Rodeo

EUGENE, Ore. — A horse was on hand in the Papa John’s Pizza parking lot Saturday to get kids pumped about the Eugene Rodeo in June.

Maddie, a Clydesdale horse was at the pizza shop on Division Avenue as part of an event put on by the Eugene Pro Rodeo Kids Club.

Kids were able to learn more about Maddie and all of the events planned for the upcoming rodeo.

“Kids Club was started this will be our fifth year. It’s an attempt to give a history of the rodeo, where it came from – from the 1800’s forward,” said Larry Wicklund, Kids Club Director.

Maddie is over nine feet tall and weighs about 2,400 pounds.

The rodeo’s junior princess was also there talking with kids and signing autographs.

The upcoming Kids Club Day at the rodeo is Wednesday, June 26.


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