Kids Enjoying the Oregon Country Fair

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NEAR VENETA, Ore. — Under the colorful tents and flags in the Chela Mela Meadow, young kids like Lillie Stewart learned some activities from their favorite acts at the Oregon Country Fair.

“My favorite part of the fair is all of the circus acts,: said Stewart.

On Saturday afternoon the meadow was filled with kids learning how to hula hoop and juggle. “Well I kind of love it here, it’s pretty cool for like juggling,” said Appolo Stachas.

Other kids just enjoyed taking in the scenery. “Just wander around, look at my friends stores and you know just look around,” said Levin Neumann.

All of these kids said they’ve been coming here to the Oregon Country Fair for as long as they can remember. “We’ve been coming here since I was itty bitty,” said Stewart.

“I’ve been going here pretty much since I was born,” said Stachas.

“I’ve been coming ever since I can remember,” said Neumann.

Along with their families and friends, they all love taking a trip deep into the forest outside of Veneta and transforming into characters that are a bit out of their element. “Awesome chance to like just leave reality and be crazy and wild,” said Stewart.

“A great atmosphere. I love the place where it is,” said Neumann.

While it can be a bit hard to pinpoint exactly what it is that makes this fair so unique, by putting on a cape or costume, for a few days these fairgoers immerse themselves into a place unlike any other.

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