Kids From Eugene Donate to Greenhill

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EUGENE, Ore. — Two young animal lovers in Eugene used their day off from school to give back to their community.

These Prairie Mountain School students say they got the idea while sitting in class and talking about business. They noticed the bracelets they were wearing were popular around school so, they decided to sell them.

The kids sell them at school to classmates but with their day off Friday, they chose to walk around their neighborhood and sell door-to-door. All the proceeds were donated to the Greenhill Humane Society. The kids and parents say it’s a good use of their time.

“We made all of the bracelets and then tried to find days where we had no school to make them and sell them to people,” said Andrew Askew, one of the students who started the idea.

“There’s a lot of kids and they all like to do things together. They all play together and stuff like that. They’re all having fun all the time. so, it’s great they’re being productive and doing good things with their time,” said Kim Mercurio, parent of another kid who started the bracelet business.

The bracelets are at the humane society for anyone who’d like to buy one. They’re 50 cents per bracelet.

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