Kids Give Away Christmas Trees

EUGENE, Ore. — A group of kids spent Sunday morning trying to spread holiday cheer by giving away free Christmas trees.

The event is put on by the youth ministry group with OneLove Church in Eugene.

It’s the third year the group’s given away trees. This year they had 20 to give away, which were all donated by Collin’s Trees in Junction City.

About 10 kids stood on Chad Drive, waving and shouting to cars as they passed by. They say it’s a fun way to help others.

“When they go away they’re just smiling and they look so happy. It feels really good,” said volunteer Isaiah Brahms.

The kids also made ornaments that were given out to each person who picked up a tree.

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  1. tabatha bailey says:

    i would like a free christmas tree if your giving them away..
    would you know of a family or orginization that would sponsor a a
    family for christmas,,my funds are shallow and i am not able to
    provide a christmas for my famil;y…
    my name is tabatha bailey and my phone number is 541-653-0155
    there are 3 in my family

    please and thank you
    anything would be greatful
    i just would like to have a christmas for my family…
    i am a sheltercare client.

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