Kids Play Real Game of Life

REAL GAME OF LIFESPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Some fifth graders in Springfield got the chance to see what it would be like to get married, get a job, and live adult life.

The activity is supposed to be a life-sized adaptation of the Milton Bradley board game Life. On Friday, a group of eighth grade students at Hamlin middle school hosted fifth graders from the five schools that feed into Hamlin.

The middle school has been hosting the event for about five years, so some of the eighth grade leaders actually remember participating in the game when they were in elementary school.

“In the fifth grade, this actually motivated me to push more,” said Akil Hylton, an eighth grade student at Hamlin. “So, since this, I put more effort into everything and now I’m in advanced math.”

About 230 fifth graders took part in the event, which is a partnership with the Springfield School District and the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

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