Kids Ride in Bike Rodeo

EUGENE, Ore. — A local mountain bike group is working to make a difference in kids’ lives. Trips for Kids-CAT teamed up with Dick’s Sporting Goods and a group of midwest high school coaches for the first time Saturday.

The group set up a bike rodeo or series of wooden obstacle courses in the parking lot for kids to improve their bike handling skills. Organizers say it’s part of a bigger effort to get kids outside and active.

“You’re more influenced when you’re younger than when you’re older. People as they get older their minds get made up more, but when you’re young, you’re fresh to the world and they’re a lot more influenced by what’s going on around them. If a lot of positive good things are happening when you’re young, you’re more likely to be a lot happier when you’re an adult,” said director John Herberg.

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