Kids to Take Part in Art Apprenticeships

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Ever wanted to live the life of an artist without giving up your day job?

In October, 30 eighth graders from Hamlin Middle School will take part in a 10-week apprenticeship program through the Lane Arts Council and the Springfield Education Foundation.

One of the artists, Betsy Wolfston, has been a professional sculptor for 25 years. She created the famous Four Season sculptures at Kesey Square. She says she’ll put her apprentice through all the paces, from creating art to learning how to sell it. Most importantly, she’ll teach students the importance of art in the modern world.

“We’ve lost a sense of our three dimensional quality of being human to the screens and to our thumbs and it gives us the quality of being human and living in this world and amongst each other,” Wolfston said.

The program runs from October through June.

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